Highlands – Week Without Walls 2018


The Highlands micro trip was a 5 day programme in some of the most beautiful areas of Sri Lanka. Throughout the five days we scaled the three highest peaks of Sri Lanka, explored the Horton plains, went bird and frog watching,  and all along the way capture these moments with our cameras.  The freedom of being surrounded by nature and the beautiful quite landscapes, was what made this trip special and gave me something that i could never experience in a classroom. This was my last week without walls with all the amazing things that we experienced, it was by far the best.

Collage of Some of the best moments from the trip

Day 1: 

After an early 7:00 am departure from school and a quick brunch at a rest house in Ratnapura we arrived at Beliloya for lunch. The area where we had lunch was right beside a stream where we had our first photography session and got familiar with our cameras. As a beginner to photography, i learnt a lot about how to configure the camera. Such as adjusting the aperture and shutter speed depending on the lighting, as well as configuring other settings such as the ISO.  During this session i comfortable with my camera and started to experiment with all the features, which helped with the picture i took later on during the trip.

After we got used to our cameras, we made our way back for lunch and then began the first hike of the trip. We hiked through the Beilhoya area, during the hike we passed through tea plantations, crossed a stream and got to witness some of the local wildlife. The hike got me excited for what was to come in the following days. Just being outside, surround by nature, gave me a sense of freedom, which i could never have in school.  Along the way, we saw different species of endemic birds, frogs and even a small tree snake. During our hike we also managed  to see world end and the hortain plains.

Our hike ended with a cold refreshing swim in small stream next to our campsite. The cold swim was just what we need after the days hike. At the end of the day we reflected on our experience and became even more excited for the experience about to come, while enjoy a BBQ dinner.

 Summary of the day (Photo credits: Miss Kamila)


After a filling breakfast, we made our way out of the Belihuloya area towards the Horton Plains National Park. Be our arrival there we stopped for a hike to the Bambarakanda falls, which is the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka at 260m.

The hike up to the look up point took us through a pine tree forest. From there we made our way to the Lanka Ella Falls. The hike up there was amazing, just being surround by the mountain and valleys gave me a sense of peace and calmness.  Along the walk we came across a flock of grasshoppers.


Then came the best part of the day, the Lanka Ella Falls. Located at the bottom of the valley. The falls were completely secluded by the forest and looked so unreal.


We had a small dip under the falls, the water was freezing, but at the same time so refreshing. After jumping in multiple times and get all the sweat out from our bodies we made our way back, taking pictures along the way. When we got back to the Buses we made our way to the Hortain Plains national park. I wasn’t looking forward for our accommodation


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